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Our customer is renowned as a digital contents and media company that offers contents through the engagement of devices and media. Over the last decade, we have established strong partnership with international and local creative writers, contents and brand owners, and Media in offering superior quality contents and applications across different platforms and technology. Also, being an established Magazine Publisher, we have full capabilities and expertise in inspiring and reaching out readers’ demands.

Customer is currently looking to build and launch an eCommerce Business Solutions coupled with mCommerce Solution to offer online Comic Reading experience to youth subscribers. Based on the market survey, customer has realized the user segment is spread across Android, iOS and WAP phone users.

Customer wanted to implement a platform where it could manage, promote and sell digital content to Mobile Users (who could not only enjoy the digital comic content on their mobiles, but could also gift the comic to their friends and promote the particular comic of their choice, download attractive animated wallpapers, send coins etc.) and the Content Sellers (who want to promote their content by uploading it into comic).

The solution was also to be implemented for the Company Staffs who could also act as Content Sellers along with the various roles and Functions for its Marketing Team for devising pricing plans and promotions.

Our Solution

Leading Digital Content & Media Company worked with Crest Business Solutions for the implementation. From the start, Crest Business Solution involved key users and took them through pre-implementation training. This familiarized users with the end product and aided the roll-out process.

An Enterprise Design Document illustrated the way in which Liferay based solution would handle different processes.

With the use of the best practices and past experiences our team successfully had the system go-live within the committed timeframe of six months.

The key integrations:

  • – Alfresco for the Content Repository
  • – Liferay for the user interface and Mobile integration
  • – MySQL for the Database
  • – Apache Tomcat as webserver
  • – Apache Solr for the wide search
  • – Jasper Reporting Module for generating the required customized reports

Integration of the system with the Customer preferred Telco providers for user verification and showcasing available promotions and price plans for the mobile content for the users of that particular Telco provider.

The Digital Media platform was customized for implementing the wide range of roles and responsibilities by building the:

  • – Administrator Module
  • – Seller Module
  • – Buyer Module
  • – Marketing module
  • – Reporting Module for generating the required customized reports

Solution Benefits

  • – Rich User Experience of the mCommerce Solution
  • – User-friendly mobile and web look and feel
  • – Maintaining the standing of the Company’s Brand
  • – The Comic Platform effectively leveraged, promoted, and delivered its extensive library of rich-media content
  • – Faster turnaround time and lower TCO
  • – Customized quality reports providing the detailed solution insights in less time
  • – Liferay offering the most scalable and flexible Open Source portal framework.


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