Database Consulting and Support

Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, in-memory—wherever your business-critical data is housed, we have you covered. Crest Business Solutions provides comprehensive, proactive, expert support for all your database management activities to detect and prevent problems as soon as possible and address emergencies on the spot.

From database installation, scalable design, capacity planning, Real Application Clustering (Oracle RAC), upgrades, and disaster recovery, we deliver on the highest standards of technical competence, client responsiveness, and business value for every client.

Our typical consulting engagements often include but are not limited to:

Software Management

● Install and configuration
● Upgrades


Advanced Configuration

● DR Replication
● Oracle RAC | Microsoft SQL Server Cluster | MySQL Cluster, MariaDB Cluster



Resource Management

● Create and manage tables
● Create and manage indexes
● Allocate and manage physical storage structures
● Allocate and manage logical storage structures
● Perform capacity planning
● Schema design

Data Management

● Data loads or unloads
● Data integrity checks


Backup and Recovery Services

● Develop backup and recovery strategies that are appropriate for the client
● Manage and implement backup and recovery procedures
● Recovery


Security Services

● User management
● Role management
● Password recovery
● Perform capacity planning
● Schema design

Why us

● Protect your data with 24x7x365 support from the data experts
● Fill a skills gap immediately for a long- or short-term staffing need
● Access a superior suite of reporting, monitoring, and tracking tools
● Obtain a thorough evaluation of your entire data infrastructure

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