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Our Tableau Consulting team offers rapid BI Solutions based on world’s leading BI platform. Tableau is dashboard software that allows non-technical users to create interactive, real-time dashboards in minutes. Adding filters and drilling down is as simple as a few clicks. Sharing a Tableau dashboard on Tableau Server or Tableau Online and embedding them into wikis, corporate portals or any web page is point-and-click. And visual best practices are baked in, so you can build a great dashboard and communicate effectively.

Tableau’s rapid-fire business intelligence provides a fast, easy way to make visual analytics available to everyone. Its range of capabilities, from Mobile BI to analyzing Big Data, means Tableau offers a full breadth of capabilities that allow you to create visual analysis that yields actionable insight. Whether it’s data discovery, data visualization, or creating great dashboards, these pages provide details about how to accomplish your goals with Tableau.

Business analytics is comprised of solutions used to build analysis models and simulations to create scenarios, understand realities and predict future states. Business analytics includes data mining, predictive analytics, applied analytics and statistics, and is delivered as an application suitable for a business user. These analytics solutions often come with prebuilt industry content that is targeted at an industry business process (for example, claims, underwriting or a specific regulatory requirement).

Designed properly, a good business dashboard is an indispensable tool that informs with a glance. Unfortunately, too many dashboards are bloated, sluggish and ultimately too hard to use. Good dashboard software should provide:


– Interactivity: Filtering, highlighting, and other dashboard tools
– The ability to combine Multiple Data Sources
– Fast creation by a Business User
– Easy Dashboard sharing with support for existing security
– Visual Analysis best practices
– Mobile friendly

Our Tableau Consulting team has assisted customers from various industry segments to develop a comprehensive Business Intelligence strategy to have single source of truth when it comes to real-time business and customer insights.

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