A modern experience for your users out of the box

Traditionally, the user experience of robust content management systems can be complex, getting in the way of the most common tasks people want to perform such as uploading/downloading, viewing and sharing content. With this new out-of-the-box experience, Alfresco has streamlined the default Alfresco UX to focus on the activities that are most important – many of which are made available through a contextual right-click actions menu. But make no mistake – the power of the underlying platform is still there to meet the needs of the most sophisticated power user. And if the experience you get out-of-the-box isn’t quite enough to meet your needs, modifying it to do so is easy.

Build fit-for-purpose solutions

Utilizing the flexibility of the Alfresco Application Development Framework, the new Digital Workspace will help companies create experiences their users will delight in. Through hundreds of reusable, localized and responsive UI components, there’s no limit to the tailored experiences developers can create – and the speed with which they can move with.