The Enterprise Communication Platform

On-premise or private-cloud hosted, End-to-End Encrypted Web and Video Conferencing, Team Chat and Communication Channels Solution for Enterprises.

Communicate and Collaborate with your team in real-time

Communicate and collaborate with your team from anywhere, anytime and from any device including iOS and Android devices. Conduct Web and Video Conferencing, Share Screen and files, chat in real-time, or switch to video/audio conferencing. CloudMeet provides the ideal platform for your team and business needs.


Instant or Scheduled Web and Video Conferencing

Instantly create One-click online meetings or schedule an online meeting for a later date. Invite your colleagues or guests to join the meeting virtually, from anywhere and from any device.

Instant and Scheduled Meetings

Create instant one-click meeting or schedule a meeting with colleagues and guests using simple steps.

Host or join meeting from any device

Host or join meeting from any modern browser or using the native app for Windows, iOS and Android securely and with the ease.

Team Chat, eliminate the need of long email threads

Instant chat to communicate or share files with your colleagues securely. Instantly create chat groups to discuss a contract or project, and eliminate the long email threads, saving time and increasing productivity.

Instant Team Chat

Initiate a secure 1-to-1 or Group Chat with your colleagues to discuss a matter or share files in real-time from any device.

Connect, on-the-go

Host meeting and share screen from any browser or from device our your choice with the native apps for Windows, iOS and Android devices.

Encrypted, end-to-end

CloudMeet offers gives control control of data in your hand with on-premise or private cloud deployment. Data-at-rest and data-in-motion encryption ensure that your data is protected at all times.

Immersive voice and video experiences

Initiate One-click Audio or Video Conferencing calls from any device to discuss an important subject with your colleague(s). Share files or record calls for future reference, in a secure and intuitive manner

Direct Call

Create instant one-click meeting or schedule a meeting with colleagues and guests using simple steps.

Group Calls

Create instant one-click meeting or schedule a meeting with colleagues and guests using simple steps.

Collaborate and Communicate with everyone via #Channels

Create a public channel for open conversations, private channels for protected team conversations or broadcast channels to deliver the message to stakeholders, Channels can be quite effective for teams working remotely.

Public Channels

Create unlimited public channels to keep everyone updated about policy updates or relay important organizational developments and collect feedback.

Private Channels

Create private channels for your project teams or departments with invite-on private channel and moderate communication.

Broadcast Channels

Create broadcast channels to make announcements for your organization to delivery messages to your audience in real-time.

Enterprise Support

Crest provides 24×7 support for CloudMeet platform, to ensure your communication and collaboration platform is always up to cater to your organization’s business needs.

Scale for every need

Scale CloudMeet to meet demand to run hundreds of Web and Video Conferences and deliver hundreds of thousands of chat messages in real-time.

Stay compliant

Comply to industry standards such as GDPR, HIPPA and ISO 27001 for your communication platform with the help of our CloudMeet compliance team.

Fasoo DRM

Your security is our priority

CloudMeet was built to address the data security challenges for your sensitive communication. CloudMeet gives control of data in your hand and offers end-to-end encryption.

Get started with a right plan for your team

Customize your platform to tailor its exact look & feel by adding or removing features and selecting your themes.

CloudMeet Self-Hosted

Hosted in your data center in a virtualized environment giving complete control over your data.

CloudMeet as-a-Service

Hosted in a private cloud of your choice, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud.

COVID-19 Special Discount Package for SMEs

Supporting SGTech and IMDA’s Digital Solutions initiative in building Singapore’s Modern Workforce.

Ready to Take your Business Next Level

Instantly chat with your online colleagues or leave a message, while offline. Create Unlimited Chat Groups to quickly discuss and important topic or share files.

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