Fasoo Data Radar

Automatically discover and classify sensitive documents in your DMS system and endpoints.

Why Fasoo Data Radar ?



Encrypt & Remediate

Adaptive Access Control

Track, Audit, Revoke

Fastest path to protect sensitive unstructured documents and comply with privacy laws

Fasoo Data Radar is different. It doesn’t require complex classification like rules-based solutions that attempt to map all things data and users can and can’t do. We find and encrypt sensitive data and restrict unauthorized access from the start so it’s protected no matter where it travels or how it’s used. And your data is genuinely protected, notjust monitored or blocked like other solutions.

 Fasoo Data Radar optimizes data discovery and classification and accelerates your project to an enterprise grade data-centric security and privacy program.

Discover & Classify

Encrypt & Remediate

Track & Audit

With Fasoo Data Radar, Managers and security administrators now have an adequate decision making process, to determine and respond to risks related to sensitive documents

– CIO, Nuclear Power Plant

Fasoo Data Radar unifies our industry leading unstructured data discovery and classification tools with the smart “Pac-n-Tag” technology. Unlike conventional solutions, our approach encrypts and restricts access at the file-level (Pac) and embeds a unique identifier (Tag) to provide the utmost in data security and privacy controls.

Protect the File

Not only monitor and detect anomalies,Pac protects the data itself.

Unique File Identifier

Tag travels with the file providing deeper traceability than log analysis-based approaches.

Protected Everywhere

Pac travels with the file to endpoints, clouds and other repositories

Persistent Identifier

Tag is inherited by all file derivatives, including copies with different names and formats.

User Access

Pac restricts user access at the file level. You no longer need to manage folder encryption and access.

Remote Expire

You can easily revoke access to all file derivatives and renamed copies wherever they reside.

Practical approach for Unstructured Data

Fasoo Data Radar finds unstructured data, encrypts sensitive data, manages user access to the data and embeds a unique identifier in each file. Data is always protected and under your control, internally, at third parties, with the ability to trace and expire it anywhere at anytime. Fasoo Data Radar is a comprehensive solution for data security, privacy and compliance. 

CIOs, CISOs, CCOs and CDOs face an urgent need to protect sensitive data and meet increasingly stringent privacy regulations. Too many projects stall as vendor solutions require an overly complex data discovery and classification process.

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