MinIO S3 Object Storage

MinIO Enterprise Platform

Open Source S3 Object Storage platform for deployment in on-premise data-center or in a multi-cloud environment.

MinIO’s pace of innovation

MinIO is purpose-built to serve only objects, a single-layer architecture achieves all necessary functionality without compromise.

Hybrid Cloud Object Storage

MinIO is a high-performance and S3 compatible object storage server designed for disaggregated architectures, from emerging Emerging cloud service providers, hybrid cloud strategies, public cloud, every Kubernetes distribution, the private cloud, S3 compatible and so on (More than 750 organizations, including Microsoft Azure, use MinIO’s S3).


Today MinIO has more than 7.7M instances running in AWS, Azure and GCP today and the global leader in hybrid cloud and MinIO is the world’s fastest object storage server. With READ/WRITE speeds of 183 GB/s and 171 GB/s on standard hardware, object storage can operate as the primary storage tier for a diverse set of workloads ranging from Spark, Presto, TensorFlow, as well as a replacement for Hadoop HDFS.

MinIO stands #1 in object storage and is 100% open source under the Affero General Public License Version 3 (AGPLv3). This means that MinIO’s customers are free from lock in, free to inspect, free to innovate, free to modify and free to redistribute. This brings MinIO as one of he best suited and adaptable product for Enterprise.


MinIO protects the integrity of object data with erasure coding and bitrot protection checksums. Erasure code is a mathematical algorithm used to reconstruct missing or corrupted data. By applying a Reed-Solomon code to shard objects into data and parity blocks, and hashing algorithms to help protect individual shards, Minio is able to guard against hardware failures and silent data corruption. MinIO’s Erasure Coding performs healing at the object level and can heal multiple objects independently.



MinIO’s enterprise class features represent the standard in the object storage space. From the AWS S3 API to S3 Select and our implementations of inline erasure coding and security, our code is widely admired and frequently copied by some of the biggest names in technology and business.

Integrations with MinIO

The modern data stack is a connected data stack. Browse MinIO’s expansive
list of integrations with links to the relevant documentation.

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