Content Services Platform (CSP)

Alfresco Content Services (or ACS) is a Cloud-Native Enterprise Content Management System which provides a secure and scalable platform to organizations looking to modernize content and document management practices.

Integrate Alfresco with Digital Signature platforms like DocuSign and SigningCloud to achieve paperless experience.

Modern Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Alfresco Content Services is a fully-featured Cloud-Native Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. Based on Open Source Core, Alfresco Content Services offers robust Document Management, Flexible Taxonomy and Metadata and Intelligent Search capabilities.


Document Scanning and Capture

Scan documents directly from MFP or USB-connected scanners to Document Management System, with advanced OCR / ICR and handwriting recognition capabilities.

Document Management

Store, manage, version and annotate various types of documents into a single repository, from MS Office documents, to images, PDF, Audio, Video files and Engineering Drawings.

Enterprise Collaboration

Modern platform to allow distributed team to work on their documents from anywhere, anytime, with the devices of their choice. Advance collaboration features to facilitate enhanced user productivity to meet business needs.

Powerful Search

Built-in powerful full-text indexing and search engine to empower users to retrieve information based on metadata and document contents for textual documents using advance and faceted search.

Open APIs and Application Integration

Industry standard REST and CMIS APIs to enable integration with third-party applications such as DocuSign, SigningCloud, SAP, Oracle, Salesforce or Microsoft Office for seamless content management across enterprise.

Information Governance

Industry Standard Information Governance and Records Management System to comply to various regulatory standards such as DoD 5015.2 CH2 and CH3, ISO 15489 and ISO 16715.

Collaboration and Productivity

Alfresco Content Services is a feature-rich platform facilitating storing, management, dissemination and disposition of business critical documents.

Besides providing standard document management features such as drag-n-drop file upload, library services such as check-in/check-out, taxonomy development and powerful search, Alfresco also provides unique features to enhance user experience and open APIs to compliment the existing application ecosystem.

Taxonomy and Metadata

Alfresco offers flexible taxonomy and metadata management. Online model manager allows creation of custom document types, aspect, properties and constraints.

Version and Audit Management

Alfresco provides ability to create and manage minor and major versioning of documents with comprehensive audit trail with date and time stamp.

Role-based Access Control

Document and Folders in Alfresco are securely stored and managed using role-based access control. Administrator can restrict permissions on files and folders based on user's role.

Federated Document Management

Alfresco Federation Services (AFS) is a Powerful add-on module that provides a robust and easy way to search and manage content federated from leading business systems and content management applications. By connecting information from different systems, you can provide a single view of information stored across multiple repositories. Here is a summary of the key capabilities:  
  • Federated Search – content can be searched for across multiple content repositories and made accessible inside Alfresco Content Services. This means it doesn’t need to be migrated from different content systems.
  • Manage content in place – all content can be controlled, no matter where it’s stored.
  • Intelligent Content Migration – enables content migration to be completed in the background, with minimal disruption to your end users.

Security and Compliance

Alfresco Content Services controls important information that needs to be retained over time. It’s used in highly regulated environments, for managing governmental information or personnel records, or where information might be audited. Fully integrated into Enterprise, Alfresco Content Services makes it easy to work with files and have them declared as records at the right time, without changing the way you work.

On-premise or Cloud Deployment

Alfresco Content Services runs on a variety of platforms, including in on-premise data center in a virtualized environment or in Cloud in Containerized platforms such as Docker, Kubernetes, AWS EKS etc.

Authentication Security

Alfresco Content Services supports a wide range of authentication protocols including out-of-box integration with Active Directory, LDAP, and popular Identity Management platforms using SAML 2.0, including support for Two-factor Authentication.

Content Security

Alfresco Content Repository ensure best-of-breed content security to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive business documents. The Encrypted content store is used for content encryption-at-rest with the help of symmetric and asymmetric keys..

Security Classifications

Configure Security Classifications (e.g. Confidential, Secret) for an additional, easily implemented level of security beyond access control lists and permissions to protect your sensitive records using Records Management add-on.

User Centric Experience

Easy to use Document Management Solution to facilitate seamless user experience handling voluminous and sensitive records, accessible from modern web browsers as well using native iOS and Android Apps.

Dynamic File Plan and Audit

Dynamic file plan to automate auto-numbering for record categories, record folders and records to meet your organizations requirements. Comprehensive Audit to meet compliance and discovery requirements.

Enterprise Support

Crest Infosolutions provides 24×7 support for Alfresco platform, to ensure your Enterprise Content Management and collaboration platform is always up to cater to your organization’s business needs.

Flexible deployment options

Deploy Alfresco on Cloud-Native Architecture on public cloud e.g, AWS EKS or Azure AKS or on-premise datacenter using Container / Kubernetes platform of your choice, including Red Hat OpenShift or SUSE Rancher,

Stay Compliant

Leverage on Alfresco's DoD 5015.2 CH2 and CH3, ISO 15489 and ISO 16175 compliance capability to meet your information security and compliance requirement using Records Management add-on.

Stay Secure

Robust data security tools to ensure your data remains safe. Alfresco support data-at-rest encryption using AES-256 algorithm and TLS 1.2 for data-in-motion security.

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