Github Enterprise

GitHub For Enterprise

GitHub Enterprise is the on-premises version of GitHub, which you can deploy and manage in your own, secure environment.

Streamlined workflow

Code discovery and reuse

Compliance and auditing

Hundreds of integrations

Communicate without friction

Pull requests let developers propose changes, share ideas about code, and learn from each other—all in a clean, timeline-style interface. Learn more about collaborating with Git and GitHub.

Work with transparency

With everyone working together on one platform, you can gain greater visibility into your projects. Once the conversation starts, you can involve anyone else on your team by mentioning a username or sharing a URL.

Track issues

Keep your team on top of bugs with GitHub’s integrated issue tracker. Track progress, assign ownership, and move issues forward with assignments with labels and milestones.

Search and reuse code

Users are required to provide additional authentication to meet required application trust levels, and new authentication methods can be added without modifying existing applications.

Enterprise-grade security

GitHub Enterprise operates on your infrastructure with your existing information security controls—from firewalls and VPNs, to IAM and monitoring systems. What else makes security enterprise-grade?

Simple compliance

Your organization has developed crucial policies around permissions and security auditing. Using the Commit Status API, you can specify the merge conditions necessary to meet compliance requirements.

Centralized permissions

You can manage permissions from one centralized location regardless of your team’s size. Set repository access as needed or keep your existing access controls with LDAP and CAS.

Monitoring and dashboards

Gain visibility into work across your projects and teams. You can use Pulse to see a snapshot of what has happened in the past week, or visit the Activity Dashboard to see work across every project on GitHub Enterprise in easy-to-read graphs.

Technical support

Our highly technical, global support team is available 24 hours a day, five days a week. With GitHub Enterprise, you can also get 24/7 help with urgent issues. Get support.

Flexible hosting options

Choose the hosting option that your team prefers. GitHub Enterprise is available on your own servers or in a private cloud. You can also configure your instance to meet your security and regulatory needs.