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Kong - Enterprise API Gateway

Kong Enterprise API Gateway and Management Platform is a cloud-native, platform-agnostic, scalable API Gateway to support distributed architectures and microservices.

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Kong Konnect

The service connectivity platform for enterprises

Single and Open Source platform that delivers end-to-end connectivity and visibility for services in multi-cloud environments. Design, deploy and optimize APIs with collaborative tools and granular analytics.


Build a global service catalog to simplify discovery, re-use, and governance of enterprise services. Provision and manage high performance run-times in the environment of your choice

Enterprise API Gateway

The world’s most popular API gateway. Built for hybrid and multi-cloud, optimized for microservices and distributed architectures.

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Service Hub

Build a comprehensive catalog of heterogeneous services, enable secure service consumability with end-to-end API Lifecycle Management.

Developer Portal

Provide APIs as a product to internal and external teams to consume through a customized developer portal that leverages your existing CRM or repositories as the source of truth.

Enterprise API Gateway

Kong Enterprise API Gateway is part of Kong Konnect. The API Gateway brokers an organization’s information across all services by allowing customers to manage the full lifecycle of services and APIs.


Kong Gateway is designed to run on decentralized architectures, leveraging workflow automation and modern GitOps practices. With Kong Gateway, users can:


  • Decentralize applications/services and transition to microservices
  • Create a thriving API developer ecosystem
    Proactively identify API-related anomalies and threats
  • Secure and govern APIs/services, and improve API visibility across the entire organization

Service Hub

ServiceHub is a Konnect Cloud functionality module that lets you catalog all of your services in a single system of record.


This catalog represents the single source of truth of your organization’s service inventory and their dependencies.


Using ServiceHub, you can catalog, manage, and track every service in your entire architecture.

Developer Portal

The Kong API Developer Portal provides a single source of truth for all developers to locate, access, and consume services in secure manner.


With intuitive content management for documentation, streamlined developer on-boarding, and role-based access control (RBAC), Kong’s Developer Portal provides a comprehensive solution for creating and customizing a unified developer experience.

Monitoring and Analytics

Use Kong Vitals (Vitals) to monitor Kong Gateway (Enterprise) health and performance, and to understand the microservice API transactions traversing Kong.


Vitals uses visual API analytics to see exactly how your APIs and Gateway are performing. Quickly access key statistics, monitor vital signs, and pinpoint anomalies in real time.


  • Use Kong Admin API to access Vitals data via endpoints. Additional visualizations, including dashboarding of Vitals data alongside data from other systems, can be achieved using the Vitals API to integrate with common monitoring systems.
  • Use Kong Manager to view visualizations of Vitals data, including the Workspaces Overview Dashboard, Workspace Charts, Vitals tab, and Status Codes, and to generate CSV Reports.

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