Process Services (APS)

Built on Open Source Activiti platform, Alfresco Process Services (APS) is a robust and scalable BPMN 2.0 compliant Workflow and BPM platform with Open APIs and Case Management Capabilities. 

Workflow and Business Process Management (BPM)

Alfresco Process Services (powered by Open Source Activiti BPN engine) is an enterprise Case Management and Business Process Management (BPM) solution targeted at business people and developers. 


At its core is a high performance Open-source Business Process/Workflow Engine based on Activiti with the flexibility and scalability to handle a wide variety of critical processes.

Online Workflow Designer

Design simple to complex multi-level business processes by simple drag-n-drop BPM 2.0 Compliant Online Workflow Designer. Configure business rules, email notifications and SLAs as per business requirements.

Electronic Forms Designer

Intuitive electronic forms designer to empower business analysts to design eForms using Online Forms Designer. Configure fields visibility rules and beautify the forms for better user experience.

Dashboard and Analytics

Monitor the performance of your business processes in real-time and design custom reports gain better insights, informed decision making and optimize your business processes.

Build Powerful Case Management Solution

The Alfresco Process Services is a powerful foundation for Case Management Applications.


The platform—which brings together process, content and governance—supports an integrated approach to case management that increases productivity, strengthens compliance, accelerates resolution and improves case outcomes.

Bringing Processes and Content together

Alfresco Content Services is a fully-featured Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system.


Alfresco Content Services compliments Process Services module by providing a robust document management engine for document-driven processes.


Document Management

Store, manage, version and annotate all types of documents into a single repository, from MS Office documents, to images, PDF, Audio, Video files and Engineering Drawings.

Enterprise Collaboration

Modern platform to allow distributed team to work on their documents from anywhere, anytime, with the devices of their choice. Advance collaboration features to facilitate enhanced user productivity to meet business needs.

Electronic and Digital Signatures

Leverage on our expertise to embed Electronic and Digital Signatures capability within your ECM and BPM platform using built-in module or embed with third-party platforms such as SigningCloud.

Document Scanning and Capture

Scan documents directly from MFP or USB-connected scanners to Document Management System, with advanced OCR / ICR and handwriting recognition capabilities.

Powerful Search

Built-in powerful full-text search engine to empower users to retrieve information based on metadata and document contents for textual documents using advance and faceted search.

Open API and Application Integration

Industry standard APIs to enable integration with third-party applications such as SAP, Oracle, Salesforce or Microsoft Office for seamless content management across enterprise.

Electronic and Physical Records Management

Alfresco Governance Services controls important information that needs to be retained over time. It’s used in highly regulated environments, for managing governmental information or personnel records, or where information might be audited. Fully integrated into Enterprise, Alfresco Governance Services makes it easy to work with files and have them declared as records at the right time, without changing the way you work.

Standards Compliant

Alfresco offers the only DoD 5015.02 CH3 Certified Open Source-based Records Management Solution, besides meeting several other standards such as ISO 16175.

Records Lifecycle Management

Manage end-to-end record life-cycle from creation, classification, metadata management, dissemination, retain, archive and disposition for Electronic as well as Physical Records.

Retention and Disposition

Configure dynamic Retention and Disposition policies to meet your organization archival policies and to meet local compliance requirements such as ISO 15489 and ISO 16175 .

Security Classifications

Configure Security Classifications (e.g. Confidential, Secret) for an additional, easily implemented level of security beyond access control lists and permissions to protect your sensitive records.

User Centric Experience

Easy to use records management solution to facilitate seamless user experience handling voluminous and sensitive records, accessible from modern web browsers as well using native iOS and Android Apps.

Dynamic File Plan and Audit

Dynamic file plan to automate auto-numbering for record categories, record folders and records to meet your organizations requirements. Comprehensive Audit to meet compliance and discovery requirements.

Enterprise Support

Crest Infosolutions provides 24×7 support for Alfresco platform, to ensure your Workflow and BPM platform is always up to cater to your organization’s business needs.

Scale for every need

Scale your Workflow and BPM Platform to thousands of processes and accessible by hundreds of thousands of users, on-premise or in cloud.

Stay Compliant

Leverage on Alfresco's BPMN 2.0 compliance capability to meet your information security and compliance requirement.

Stay Secure

Robust data security tools to ensure your data remains safe. Alfresco support data-at-rest encryption using AES-256 algorithm and TLS 1.2 for data-in-motion security.

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