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Whether you require massively scalable and secure transactional database, in-memory engine for your Mobile or IoT applications or massive parallel processing power to your analytics applications—wherever your business-critical data is housed, we have you covered. Crest Infosolutions provides comprehensive, proactive, expert support for all your MariaDB database management activities to detect and prevent problems as soon as possible and address emergencies on the spot.

From MariaDB TX Database, MariaDB Enterprise Cluster, MariaDB X3 Installation, Scalable Design, Capacity Planning, Database Clustering, Version Upgrades, and Disaster Recovery Setup, we deliver on the highest standards of technical competence, MariaDB consulting, client responsiveness, and business value for every client.

MariaDB Server

MariaDB MaxScale

MariaDB ColumnStore

Fastest growing Open Source database.

MariaDB Server

MariaDB Server is a Secure, Highly Available (HA) and Scalable relational database server with a modern, extensible architecture that fosters innovation. Combining familiar SQL interfaces with open extensibility, MariaDB supports innovation by providing a stable and configurable data tier to cover a breadth of use cases while combining familiar SQL interfaces with open extensibility.

MariaDB includes full integration of Galera, a Multi-Master Cluster
technology and provides synchronous and semi-synchronous replication for High Availability.

MariaDB protects your data against Security, Regulatory and Operational Risks with the Audit Plugin and offer Data-in-motion and Data-at-Rest Encryption.

MariaDB MaxScale

MariaDB MaxScale is a next-generation Database Proxy that manages Security, Scalability and High Availability in scale-out deployments. Using MaxScale, administrative database processes run without damaging application performance.

MaxScale leverages end-to-end SSL support and local-only access for secure data access, prevents SQL injection attacks with flexible whitelisting and blacklisting of query behaviours and mitigates DDoS attacks by configuring built-in rate limiting rules.

MariaDB ColumnStore

MariaDB ColumnStore expands MariaDB functionality to support scalable, real-time big data analytics. MariaDB ColumnStore is built on the foundation of MariaDB Server, providing a familiar and single point of access for both transactional and analytic processes.

ColumnStore is a massively parallel, distributed data engine for powerful analytics on Big Data, which can be scaled to petabytes of data and can provide Real-time response to analytics queries and high speed data loading.

Why us

  • Authorized MariaDB partner and Reseller in Asia-Pacific Region.
  • Local MariaDB support available in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and India.
  • Fill a skills gap immediately for a long- or short-term MariaDB DBA needs.
  • Obtain a thorough evaluation of your entire data infrastructure.
  • Free assessment for Oracle to MariaDB migration.
  • Protect your data with 24x7x365 support from the data experts.
  • Access a superior suite of reporting, monitoring, and tracking tools.