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Fasoo, a leader in data-centric security and enterprise document platforms, today announced the availability of Wrapsody to the Southeast Asia and Hong Kong region. Wrapsody, an enterprise digital document platform, is the only solution that provides digital asset management, document collaboration and security in a single platform.

Wrapsody is a multi-faceted solution. It is a digital asset management solution that provides automatic versioning and back-up of all corporate documents upon creation and modification from each corporate PC, centralizing all documents and their versions on server. The automatic backup approach mitigates the risk of ransomware attacks, helping organizations to restore the latest working version of documents, instead of losing important information or paying money to hackers to restore data.

Various performance enhancement features allow users efficiently share and collaborate on documents without relying on emails, calls and instant messages to obtain, share or verify the correct version, reducing the ROT (redundant, obsolete and trivial) data from systems and devices.

Wrapsody’s file-centric approach is completely new to document management. Each Wrapsody document carries a unique document ID and version number. This allows any local copies to be synced on demand to the latest or any version, eliminating the concerns of working on the wrong version of a document, while increasing work efficiency. File encryption and file-based access control also ensures only authorized access is allowed, mitigating the risk of data loss whether intended or inadvertent.

The solution provides excellent insights to the management with built-in real-time usage analytics on documents, user behavior analytics and a complete audit trail to analyze the working pattern of employees. Wrapsody is an enterprise platform that manages and integrates all organizational documents no matter where they are, whether in repositories, endpoint PCs or even in the cloud.

“We are so pleased to offer Wrapsody to Southeast Asia and Hong Kong region. We believe organizations in this region will benefit from Wrapsody, just as it has with many customers in other parts of the world, including South Korea and the United States,” stated Kangman Lee, Senior Executive Vice President of Fasoo.

“There are many solutions customers can choose from, Enterprise Document Management, Enterprise Content Management, Enterprise File Sync & Share to name a few,” added Hemant Prasad, CEO of Crest Infosolutions. “However, Wrapsody is the only solution that addresses the document management, collaboration and security issues in a single platform.”

Fasoo appointed Crest Infosolutions as its reseller and support partner for the Southeast Asia and Hong Kong region.

About Fasoo
Fasoo provides enterprise data security and management solutions that enable organizations to protect, control, trace and analyze critical business information while enhancing productivity. Fasoo has successfully retained their leadership in the unstructured data security market by deploying enterprise-wide solutions for more than 1,500 organizations globally, securing more than 2.7 million users. Fasoo is experiencing continuous improvement in its global market position, based on their unique technology, ongoing R&D and strategic approach to comprehensive product capabilities by extending its core security capabilities into content-centric collaboration, behavioral analytics and information security consulting services.

About Crest Infosolutions
Crest Infosolutions is a Digital Transformation solutions provider based in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong and India, with vast amount of experience in delivering business solutions for customers in various industry domains including Public Sector, Education, Transportation, BFSI, Energy, Telecommunication, Property, Retail and e-Commerce. With strong emphasis in delivering technology solutions based on open source stack, Crest has partnered with technology companies such as Alfresco, Fasoo, IBM, Microsoft, MariaDB and Ephesoft etc.



Crest Infosolutions is best described as a team of as youthful, ambitious, passionate and committed technology professionals

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