MariaDB Enterprise vs Oracle Database Enterprise Edition

MariaDB Platform supports the same core enterprise features as Oracle Database 18c Enterprise Edition, Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Enterprise and IBM DB2 for Linux, Unix and Windows 11.1 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition, and in some cases, supports more.

Oracle Database and IBM DB2 support multi-master clustering, but Oracle RAC and IBM pureScale are not supported on public clouds (e.g., Microsoft Azure) because they rely on shared storage. However, MariaDB multi-master clustering is based on synchronous group replication, so it can be used on any public cloud. Further, MariaDB Platform is engineered to run well on commodity hardware, cloud instances and containers.

MariaDB Enterprise’s support for PL/SQL syntax and Oracle style stored procedures and data types makes it easy for businesses to migrate from costly Oracle database to MariaDB Enterprise platform.

*Not included in an Oracle Database Enterprise Edition license; must be purchased separately.

Download the enterprise database comparison white paper to browse through full comparison based on 50+ features.



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