CloudMeet – Self-hosted Enterprise Communication Platform

It was Dec 2019 and the organizations across the world were shocked with the rapid spread of COVID19 and resulting lockdowns. The employees were immediately asked to work-from-home for the unknown time period and unfortunately it cannot be estimated even today. As a result, several organizations around the world have acknowledged that their staff would continue to work from home, even after the pandemic is over. A separate survey from IDC revealed that the vast majority of U.S. enterprises—87 percent—expect that employees will still work from home at least three days a week even after offices fully reopen.


Majority of the organizations were unprepared to deal with the challenges associated with the culture of work from home. There were challenges to keep the staff virtually connected with each-other, drive communication across teams, departments and organization, make announcements, and even hold meetings virtually, rather than booking a meeting room.

We must appreciate the kind of immediate support provided by Social media platforms like WhatsApp during these tiring times equally to SMBs and large enterprises. Team / Department Chat groups were created on the fly and task updates were shared on daily basis to keep everyone synced while Audio/Video calling kept the employees connected. Now with the recent announcement by WhatsApp to force their new terms of service on its users to share their privacy data with Facebook. Users only have the option to either agree to it now or delete their accounts. Most organizations took a prompt action and have issued advisories to their employees to not to share any sensitive or confidential data at the same time they have started looking for alternatives. This has added to the list of challenges to be handled on priority for the organizations.


Organizations had communication platforms like WebEx, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WhatsApp for Business, Google Meet etc. to bridge the connectivity gap but they offered following unique challenges:

Introducing CloudMeet – Your Self-Hosted alternative to Secure and Private communication.

CloudMeet can address the current market needs completely and offers a fully secure, private, end-to-end encrypted and self-hosted unified communication platform. CloudMeet is Singapore’s first and very own unified communication platform. CloudMeet offers the following features to customers:

Some of the key differentiators which makes CloudMeet as the no-brainer choice for enterprises looking for a private and secure unified communication platform:

Currently, CloudMeet can be evaluated / purchased by directly reaching out to Crest Sales Team, however pretty soon CloudMeet would also be available on various marketplaces of AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and IBM Cloud.

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